Monday, December 8, 2008

The Facts about Keste’s 80

Keste states in his latest post that I was upset about his turning level 80 before me. Let me explain why.


Every time we were going out to quest I would be careful not to do any quests without him to avoid having to re-do them again with him. It just seemed more efficient for us to do them together once rather than each on their own. Makes sense right?

I usually did my dailies in the morning before work. Later that evening he’d be off doing his dailies (or so he says) and I waited for him to be ready to go. So instead of quests I did small little things that wouldn’t affect my exp gain at all. Mostly I fished. I fished a lot. My fishing skill is maxed if that gives you any clue how much I’ve fished waiting on him.

After all my careful consideration towards him and waiting on him so I wouldn’t get so far ahead the poohead has the audacity to some how secretly gain half a level on me and then wonder why I was upset.

I could of being doing stuff instead of waiting on you! RAWR!

Yes, I did turn level 80 the next day but it was a hard day’s work to catch up instead of the easy pace we had previously been sporting. It wasn’t like he was a bubble or two ahead of me. He was a good chunk ahead of me. Especially for one who supposedly was just doing the same quests as me.

He said it was because of his leather gathering that he got so far ahead. I don’t know if I believe him but now you know the full story. I wasn’t upset he had leveled. I was annoyed that he was sneaky and was purposely gaining experience behind my back while I sat like a ninny fishing and waiting for him.

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