Monday, December 29, 2008

Merrymaker the Second!

I had missed pretty much all of the end game stuff in Burning Crusade with my druid, Aratria, so I had counted her out on the Winter Veil achievements. Specifically due to the Fa La La Ogri'la achievement. She had never even started the chain of quests to open Ogri'la.

Luckily, I wasn't the only one who had skipped this and Saturday Dumadin got a group of us together to complete those group quests so we could open up Ogri'la. It didn't take much time at all.

I have to take a little time out to complain about some of these achievements from the view of a druid that Desdarii just didn't have to face. For one I didn't own a flying mount. I was the flying mount. So to complete Fa La La Ogri'la, I had to go and purchase a flying mount. It was painful and felt wrong. Not to mention I planned on buying my epic flight at level 77 (still level 76) so my slow arse was constantly shot out of the sky. Good to note that you can still get the achievement if you fall off your reindeer. Just make sure you have a lot of holly.

Another druid issue I had is with the With A Little Helper From My Friends achievement. I was not allowed to shift forms or I'd lose my gnome/elf costume. As if it wasn't bad enough that I was a undergeared level 76 pvp noob entering the battleground, now I can't take advantage of my different forms! I ended up getting frustrated dying so often. I was a quick and easy target being 4 levels lower than most.

What did I do about it? I cheated. Sorta.

Not that I found myself super helpful to begin with but after four runs of Alterac Valley and only 1 honor kill to my name I decided to go the cowards route. I found a safe place in our base where action would be close by and I shadowmelded to soak up my fellow's honor kills. Sure I was found by the Horde a couple of times. I was in ghetto stealth and 4 levels lower than everyone else. I wasn't winning any hide and seek competitions. If found I would go into Moonkin and try to earn my keep. I wasn't trying to jinx the alliance, just get my junk done.

Doing this though ended up being the only way I saw to get this done without going absolutely crazy. It worked and though it still took several runs I was making at least some progress in each instance and completed the achievement. I feel a little bad for going about doing it this way but I have a feeling I'll get over it.

Anyway thanks to Dumie and friends I was able to have a second Merrymaker in my roster!

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Mae said...

When I was doing the PvP holiday quest on Majesty, I earned the "An Honor Kill" achievement. My guild thought it was hilarious. By the time I had four kills toward the holiday achievement, I had four kills to my name overall. lol. I'm a serious PvP nub! It took me 8 tries in AV before I got it done, but Majesty is a Merrymaker too!