Monday, December 8, 2008

It’s Going To Kill You, Stupid!

I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I have some of the funniest friends; even if they don’t intend to be funny.

Here’s the scene.

I walk into Utgarde Pinnacle with Geearthur, Alburet, Firefizzle and Keste (in tree form). We make our way to our first boss encounter, Svala Sorrowgrave. Thanks to the Lich King, she is a very powerful Val’kyr that has a very special ability called “Ritual of the Sword.

Ritual of the Sword is where Svala places one of us randomly on an alter and calls down a large sword slowly towards the victim. You know the old Illhoof sacrifice-maneuver but with a twist. There are three of her little servants or whatever they may be channeling to keep our friend captured until the sword reaches them. Some area of effect spells easily kill the servants and free our friend. Oh and for all my mage friends, ice block does not free you!

When my friends and I encountered this part of the fight Gee was repeatedly chosen as the sacrifice. While he stood there watching the sword drop he couldn’t help but wonder what happens when it reaches you. A large gash that could possibly be healed? Is it a big splat slicing you in two? Some other sort of magnificent death? Inquiring minds had to know!

I had to admit the curiosity of this Draenei was contagious as I started encouraging him to find out what the outcome of the sword reaching you was. On his last sacrifice, Svala was almost dead and Gee decided to stay in the hot seat just to see what happens. I’m safely on the sidelines telling him to go for it.

The other two casters killed the servants anyway but Gee refused to move wanting to have the sword hit him. Alburet feared for our brave Paladin and yelled for Gee to move.

“I want to see what happens!” Gee explained.

Alburet then exclaims, “It’s going to kill you, stupid!”

I was absolutely in stitches from the entire event. It’s funny how everyone thinks differently. Gee was certain it probably was going to kill him, he just wanted to see how it was going to kill him. Al was just concerned with the fact that it was going to kill him! The bluntness of Al’s reply just cracked me up. I was laughing for quite a while. I think I was still giggling when we got to the second boss.

Since the servants were dead the sword did not damage Gee at all when it reached him and shortly afterwards Svala was no more. No harm was done. We may have to try it again just to experiment.

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Alburet said...

Yes I did and I'm sure it would. Draenei curosity is like felines I've found with Gee and Des. But somehoe I doubt satisfaction would bring them back.