Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Veil Achievements

There are 12 achievements available with the Winter Veil event this year. Completing all 12 will get you number 13 and the title "Merrymaker". Many of these achievements are very simple and take just a bit of time to complete. Others will take a little longer but I did not see any that seemed impossible. I've already completed quite a few of these and some I am just waiting on (or procrastinating... like the pvp one).

On Metzen!

Simply complete the Mezten the Reindeer quest and you earn this achievement.

Simply Abominable

Obtained by completing the Stolen Winter Veil Treats quest.

Scrooge (Alliance / Horde)

You will need a snowball which can be purchased by the holiday vendors. This is pretty simple, just throw a snowball at Magni Bronzebeard if you are alliance or Cairne Bloodhoof if you are horde.

'Tis the Season

For this achievement you will need 3 pieces of clothing AND a fruitcake. Eat the fruitcake while wearing all the holiday clothes and you get the achievement.

The fruitcake cannot be purchased, it is mailed to you as part of a care package from
freeing Metzen or completing the treats for Greatfather Winter. Don't be like me and eat your fruitcake right away! They are soulbound so you cannot share your fruitcake. If you already lost the initial fruitcake mailed to you, fear not for there should be a second shipment that will come at a later date.

The clothing you will need is either Red Clothes or Green Clothes made by a local
tailor, Winter Boots crafted by your favorite leatherworker and either Red Winter Hat or Green Winter Hat which can be found on bosses in Northrend dungeons. The bosses will appear to be wearing the hat before you kill them so you can tell which ones will drop a hat for you.

Desdarii got her Red Hat in the Nexus. We actually took a group and just rushed to Grand Magus Telestra took her hat and then reset. We were able to do so 4 times before being locked out but it worked out ok as our 5th person already had a hat and was just helping. I've also heard of warlock/healer teams being able to complete this with just the two of them.

Bro's Before Ho Ho Ho's (Alliance / Horde)

You must use mistletoe on the brothers (as in holy men) listed in the achievement. The alliance has quite a few more to do than the horde but the horde ones seem to be in more difficult locations so I think it evens out.

Mistletoe is obtained by /kiss-ing Winter Revelers found in inns. It's actually one of 3 random items you could obtain from the revelers so it may take you a while before you get enough mistletoe to complete this. You can kiss a winter reveler once an hour and you will get a debuff. The debuff does not expire if you log out. You actually have to be active for an hour.

Now when I was attempting to do this yesterday I had no luck in getting any items from the revelers I found in Dalaran. There were two in the main inn (where the cooking daily is) but kissing them had no effect for me. The old world revelers worked just fine. When I was on my druid the inns out in Northrend didn't even have any revelers to kiss. Made it a tad inconvenient for her to participate.

The Winter Veil Gourmet

Use your cooking skills to create a Gingerbread Cookie, Egg Nog and Hot Apple Cider. The catch is that you need to have at least 325 cooking skill to complete this achievement. The cider recipe was mailed to me automatically (I'm guessing because my cooking was high enough). All of the recipes can be purchased by the holiday vendor near Greatfather Winter.

Note: When I attempted this achievement I did not get credit until I had actually drunk one of the ciders I had made. The other two completed as marked when I created them. I'm guessing this is not how it is supposed to work as the achievement says nothing about consuming the items.

Let It Snow

Similar to the "shove pumpkins on certain races heads" from Hallows' End, but this time it's more specific. You are looking for a certain race/class combo to throw snowflakes on.

The snowflakes are one of the random items you can obtain from blowing a /kiss to Winter Revelers in inns. They are not soulbound so I had all my character try for the items and sent them to Desdarii. She's just on the look out for a draenei priest!

The horde ones were not that difficult. Spend enough time in Dalaran and you're sure to find each type to pelt with snowflakes.


Complete the daily quest Bomb Them Again! in Ogri'la but this time do it on a flying reindeer mount. You will need either Preserved Holly or Fresh Holly to transform your mount into a reindeer.

The Fresh Holly is the third random item you could obtain from Winter Revelers in inns.

Preserved Holly you should get from saving Metzen and you can also create some using the Holly Preserver Machine from the Hero of the Day quest if you are a master cook.

A Frosty Shake

Use your Winter Veil Disguise Kit to /dance with another snowman in Dalaran. This kit will be mailed to you after completing the Stolen Winterveil Treats quest. You need a snowball in order to use the disguise which you can purchase from a holiday vendor.

He Knows If You've Been Naughty

Open one of the presents from Greatfather Winter under the tree. The presents will be available to open from Dec. 25th - January 2nd.

Crashin' & Thrashin'

This achievement is from using your Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller which won't be given out until December 25th. You use your controller to smash other players racers. Do it 25 times and you get the achievement.

With a Little Helper from My Friends

Probably the achievement I personally am dreading the most. There are little transforming machines outside of Ironforge and Ogrimmar that will change you into a little gnome in holiday attire. I believe I also saw one outside the teleport location in Dalaran. Stepping into the machine gives you the costume for 30 minutes. You must obtain 50 honorable kills while transformed.

The downside is these disguises do not persist after death. That means if you are horrible at battlegrounds like I am, it's going to take you a while to get 50 kills. If you die you will have to wait for the battleground to finish to get a new costume. I haven't even attempted this yet. It would be really nice if there were machines in the BGs.

Merrymaker (Alliance / Horde)

Completing all of the above achievements gets you the Merrymaker achievement as well as a new title. I know I am trying to become Desdarii Merrymaker


krizzlybear said...

Bah, I still haven't received my disguise kit in the mail. If it's not there when maintenance is done, I'll try to open up a ticket to see if there's anything the GM's can do.

Desdarii said...

If you did the quest yesterday, you should get the disguise in the mail today!

Dumadin said...

Duma is the only one of mine that has even a shot since he is my only cook high enough to make cider so PPPTHHHUBBBB on them for that. And the BG one is horrible so I shall skip them for the most part and maybe next year do them with all my characters.

Desdarii said...

Surprisingly the PvP one isn't going too badly. I entered 3 Strand of the Ancients BGs today and walked out with half of my 50 kills. Hopefully today just wasn't a lucky day.

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