Saturday, December 13, 2008

Curiosity Killed the Moonkin

Aratria was working on The Echo of Ymiron in the Fjord she decided not to remove the effects of the incense when she had completed her task. Instead she started wandering about the village to just look around and explore thinking it was relatively safe. She was in the spirit world after all.

That's when Aratria saw him. The Lich King himself standing in the center of the village. It was too much for her to ignore. She was curious of what he was doing standing in the spirit world and decided she was going to walk up and poke him in the eye with her new dagger.

Well that's not exactly how the events played out. When Aratria got close the Lich King pulled her to him and pinned her to the ground. She then had to listen to him threaten her before finally killing her.

I guess she's got a little more work to do before she's ready to solo the Lich King.

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