Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To Heal or Not to Heal?

I’ve been talking with our raid leader and one thing we seem to be very short on is healers. Aelaan has been nice enough to stay restoration even though we know it’s not his preferred spec. Our other healer’s account was hacked and he actually hasn’t been able to return to the game yet. Our back up healer has taken to playing her hunter to 80. Our group sits just about ready to start Naxx with only one healer available.

Our main tanks are both hybrids. Gee a paladin and Keste a druid. Both have volunteered to go healy but then we’ll just be short tanks! Silly plan if you ask me.

Keste has been playing more often as a tree lately just due to the healer shortage we’re seeing in the guild as a whole. He’s good at it thanks to people like Phae and her wonderful blog but I know it’s not his preferred playstyle. Plus there is the potential for Keste’s work schedule to change to something very unfriendly to raiding (or seeing me awake for that matter). We’re still crossing our fingers on that.

We’re hoping to find a dedicated healer somewhere but I’ve got 2 potential healers in my line up that could fill this void. I have a priest as well as a druid on the backburner that I could level up. Finding a new DPS to fill Desdarii’s spot shouldn’t be an issue. The problem is I do believe I would miss Des.

Not just being a mage which is wonderful. All the free food, the portals all over, the pretty spell effects. Mages are great. On top of that though I’d also be setting aside all the extras I’ve done for Desdarii. All the achievements, all the money I’ve spent on pets for her, the titles I’ve earned, etc. I wouldn’t get to enjoy this hard work if playing on one of my other toons who by comparison have done very very little in the world.

On the other hand I’m not against healing. I’ve been Keste’s personal real live heal-bot for years. I believe I’m good at it and it is something I do enjoy. I’m not against doing this for the group as it’s a role I think I could really thrive in.

If I did do it, I think I would go with the druid. It’s just more versatile than the priest. Goldy is fun I love the personality I’ve given that girl but the tree might be more useful in the long run. I’m not certain. Perhaps some of my problem is not knowing enough about Naxx. For all I know priests could be highly desirable.

Our raid leader has told me not to rush on a healer unless I truly wish to play her. He’ll look for a healer elsewhere first to see if we can keep Des in the line up. I’ll probably start leveling a healer this weekend though just in case.

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