Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Very Eventful Evening

Some very exciting things happened with Desdarii this evening!

I decided to start my evening finishing up exploring Northrend. Doing so unlocked my World Explorer achievement. I am now known far and wide as Desdarii the Explorer. I like it! I was also sent a spiffy new tabard in the mail!

I suppose the most notable accomplishment this evening would be that I have finished the journey to level 80. (I do like the new title quite a bit though.) Everyone I speak to talks about how long this takes and how they had to spend so much time doing it. I say "BAH!" to that. I wasn't even trying very hard and I made it to 80 in about 3 weeks. Considering I have reached max level less than a month after release, I personally don't really find that a super slow grind. But I'm a bit odd and I actually enjoy questing.

Proof of my questing enjoyment is getting the achievement for 2000 quests completed this evening. Some of my guildees were actually amazed at this number. I don't understand all the congratulations I received though. It's not like it was a goal I was working on, it just sort of happened.

Now that I have completed these accomplishments I need to plan what my next steps will be! I think most likely I will spend some much deserved time goofing off! That is if Keste allows me to! He's always dragging me into all sorts of trouble.