Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tauren Are Food, Not Friends

This is the story of Goldee a Blood Elf Priestess not on Blackwater Raiders but a previous server I played on. It was a PvE server but I still role-played every day very much enjoying the snotty persona of my Blood Elf. The guild I belonged to was built primarily of Blood Elves with an Orc, Troll or Undead thrown in here or there. There were no Tauren in the guild. I decided to create an unreasonable dislike for Tauren into my character's personality since there was no one to offend by doing so.

I did it subtly just making remarks about Thunder Bluff being intolerably smelly and should be condemned as unsanitary or Tauren's being just too large to be of any use. Naturally, lots of hamburger jokes thrown in for good measure. It largely went ignored as most of my attempts at role-play in guild chat did.

It took a couple weeks but eventually a guild-mate did ask, "What's your deal with Tauren, anyway?" I explained to the guild all the negative points there are about Tauren and how I was certainly glad our guild had the sense to shun them from our registry. This opened the door to a new role-play game in my non-RP guild on a non-RP server. I'm quite proud of this. It almost seems like I planned to trick them into role-playing with me but it honestly wasn't by design.

What started popping up were Tauren alt characters all over the place. They joined the guild to represent and speak for the Tauren people and their virtues. A lot of them chose to just pester me with their cow-ness. I had even made a Tauren alt myself and didn't tell anyone so I could play along. (They figured it out and I think I confused some people).

Goldee did not relent her views on the bovine race and started expressing her disgust at allowing these animals to mingle with us. It became a common theme in our guild chat. The guild being pro-Tauren and my priestess being the main antagonist. It was great fun!

It all culminated when a guild member decided to spend the money to transfer his level 70 Tauren Shaman from another server to ours and invite him to the guild. He became the grand protector of all our new little Tauren and was the primary person opposing my anti-Tauren movement. Goldee, spurned by this spokesperson for the Tauren, was driven to desperation and challenged him to a duel in front of Ogrimmar gates. If he wins, Taurens could stay but if Goldee won all the Tauren had to pack their bags.
Guild members raced to Ogrimmar's gates to witness what would inevitably shape the structure of our guild and it's recruits (some worried about never having any druids). It was over fairly quickly. Goldee was simply outmatched against the powerful Shaman and she conceded defeat so the Tauren were allowed to remain. Although Goldee still doesn't really consider herself friendly with Tauren, she tolerates them as well as her personality allows.

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