Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm proud to report that we entered Zul'Aman last night and cleaned it out on our first night. We did not make the timed event due to us having no clue where we were going but we did get two extra pieces of loot from the prisoners before the timer ran out. Now that we know where all the bosses are we will try again next week and see how we do.

Our next visit will also be quicker because a lot of time was spent in getting everyone's quests completed. I sure am happy to have that 20-slot bag! The stamina gem impresses me less though. Keste was happy to get it.

I also won me some new boots. If I could remember the name of them I'd say so but I honestly don't. Draenei don't tend to worry about their feet a whole lot as a general rule anyway. Even when I do get shoes I have to cut the soles out and they end up looking like leg warmers.

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notyourmommy said...

Hehehe gotta love the nerf ;P

I should have sticked with my 70 warrior and get into some end game.. but I love my mage... can't get enough of her LOL