Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not Gone. Just Nothing Happening.

I haven't posted in about a week but honestly I haven't done much. My raiding team cleared ZA and Kara and we did the Scourge event Karazhan boss. I haven't done any of the scourge clearings. I've done one night of headless horseman and still have no squashling. I pretty much give up. The inn keepers give me candy corn and the headless horseman gives me nothing.

Other than that I'm kind of bored with WoW. I just have to many other exciting things happening in real life to make WoW very interesting. Like we got to see our first ultrasounds of the baby! Totally more exciting than a squashling in my opinion. Keste and I have had halloween parties to attend and tomorrow I hand out candy to the neighborhood goblins. I'm sure I'll get back into WoW when real life normalizes again.

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