Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arcane Magey Impressions

With the new expansion I had to really sit and think about what talents I should get. Thanks to the excellent work of folks like SpicyTuna and Euripedies this task was made simpler. Just something stubborn in me though refuses to just take other’s spec trees and just apply it with out at least evaluating it for how I usually play.

What I was before was an Arcane / Frost mash up using all the arcane goodness to make my frost spells powerful while still being mana efficient. I almost never used mana pots or my emeralds and hit comparably well against other mages in my raid group who would quickly go out of mana.

Well looking through Arcane now, there’s just too much good stuff. I went whole hog into the arcane tree. I think I had a single point to put into improved frostbolt (you know for that annoying monster that is immune to arcane).

First night trying it out it was like learning my class again. I had to play with spell rotations to make sure I could pump out continuous damage while avoiding mana drain and that dreaded arcane debuff. I came up with a Arcane Blast > Arcane Missles > Arcane Barrage rotation that seemed to be working well. I also had some troubles because I moved some buttons around while playing with the spell rotation and so I would randomly look like an idiot frost nova-ing nothing.

As a trial we went to Heroic Shadow Labs. Five people freshly specced going to take on a heroic dungeon I don’t think a single one of us had completed. It was interesting. The good news was it wasn’t a pug. These were members of my regular raiding team so I do know them well and so that made it a bit easier to adjust to playstyles.

I have to say it went really well. Geearthur our paladin was just giddy with his new tankadin status. Seiai our tree was super happy trying out root indoors and getting to rez someone when they died. Our shaman had all kinds of neat things that she’s still talking about each time I log in. On the whole everyone seems really happy and we were able to finish the dungeon and get the achievement.

I do have to admit a little bit of jealousy. It seems all these other classes got such neat new spells and talents that do stuff. The majority of my talents just sort of passively work and I didn’t get any new neat tricks. They were all impressed with my pretty Arcane Barrage spell though. It is really pretty and sparkly.

I would say that I am happy with my spec choice until someone looks at it and tells me what could be improved upon I’m going to stick with what I have for a bit and try it out. I get to hit more than one button when fighting (I guess that’s fun) and I still kill things quickly which is what makes me a happy mage.


Mae said...

I decided to go full frost and I'm liking it so far, though I've not tried it out on anything other than random mobs and the elites in URBS as my pals all wanted their Jenkins title! My heart is still broken from the arcane & t5 nerfs, so I haven't had the heart to go into Arcane.

I think, after the expac, when I'm leveling, the rest of my points will go into arcane. I'm also considering trying to build an elemental spec so I can use frost fire bolt to it's max potential.

Basil said...

Arcane Barrage. Instant cast death designed with annihilation in mind.

And you call it pretty and sparkly... unsure what to make of that. Part of me wants to laugh. Part of me wants to cry. Part of me wants to agree.

So I ended up blowing snot out of my nose into a kleenex and eating ice cream.
I felt it was a good compromise.