Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scourge Invasion < Fun

A whole host of my guildmates and friends gathered to take place in what was to be the scourge invasion. We planned to roleplay the event and have a good time as a big guild event. Instead we were smacked in the face with a whole lot of stupid. People being just plain rude to one another. Screaming obscenities. Name calling. The whole she-bang. I left general chat just to clear up some of the stupid but it didn't stop all the yelling that was happening.

I'm just a mage but the priests and paladins were getting a lot of hostility for attempting to heal the infected. We were trying to roleplay the entire event and it just wasn't possible. People's behavior was just obnoxious. I realize that not everyone comes to Blackwater Raiders to roleplay but I don't think this behavior is appropriate for any type of play and being openly hostile to those attempting to roleplay the experience is also not acceptable. No one is telling you how to play and you are on a server designated for roleplay. Is it really so hard to let us have our fun?

I understand some folks wanted to be infected. That's fine. If they wanted to play a zombie then go right ahead but there's no call for being rude to someone for curing you when you stupidly ran into the group of 300 people. Did you really expect everyone to just ignore your green glow?

I really didn't enjoy the atmosphere and after standing around for about an hour I wandered off to do something that didn't include the masses. Before going to bed I was trying to hand in some marks for aldor reputation and my quest guy randomly turned into a zombie and infected me. I didn't even get to finish the turn in. That was sort of the last straw of annoying for the night. I found someone to cure me and went to bed.


gmazeroth said...
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gmazeroth said...

Sorry about the deleted comment. I was trying to figure out how to link back to my blog since I wrote on a similar subject after reading your blog.

Anyway, we had similar issues on Moon Guard with greifers and people getting uppity about being cured.

Medros said...

While I understand those who want to roleplay a cleansing of the plague, there were people on my realm who were riding around and hunting down the infected, just to grief their RP. In the end, there was no safe place to infect because 70s would come along and wipe out anyone infected in no time. Not even the real Paladins of the Silver Hand had that kind of success rate.

Desdarii said...

I wasn't talking about griefing. I was speaking about the horrible treatment of fellow players. The name calling and the cussing and all sorts of foul behavior. I don't think everyone needs to roleplay but saying the things they do when they don't get their way is not right for any human to say to another.

Griefing is happening all over the place and on both sides but I've found little issue avoiding the whole mess. I've heard it's been the worse for the low levels trying to quest.