Friday, October 3, 2008

Anna's Friday Five - Speed Edition

This week Anna five roleplay questions are meant to be quick. Answered in 10-15 words max quickly without much thought. Here's my answers for Desdarii!

  1. Is your character tall/short/average? What kind of build?
    Desdarii is tall with average build.
  2. Name one thing about your character that is quirky, unusual, or unexpected.
    Desdarii is terrified of spiders.
  3. Name one thing about your character that is stereotypical of his/her class, race, or origin.
    Desdarii believes in the goodness of the "Light of Creation" like a good Draenei.
  4. What is his or her favorite (or least favorite) article of clothing?
    Desdarii adores her sombrero!
  5. What is your character’s favorite color?
    Purple. I don't know why it just is.

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