Friday, October 10, 2008

Anna's Friday Five - Living Arrangements

This week's Friday Five from Anna is about your characters living arrangements. Here are the answers I gave for Desdarii.

  1. What does your character’s living room look like? (If they don’t have a stable home, describe an inn room that he or she has rented steadily.)
    Desdarii and Keste do not have a home of their own. They stay in Thalanaar Halls with their guild mates and have a room in the halls that they share. The common room shared by the guild has a little bit of everything. There's a desk and chair, a couple sofas and comfy chairs over by the fireplace and a table where people work on different items. People tend to like to work on their engineering in particular in this room so it wouldn't be odd to find gun powder traces about.
  2. Does your character have any pets?
    Ha! Desdarii and her druid husband are animal lovers and will collect any and every critter that crosses their path if they could. Most of the animals they keep are allowed to roam in the courtyard or in the stables. The only pet allowed indoors would be Oscar the worg pup. Desdarii has a fitful time sleeping without this fuzzy ball at her feet.
  3. Does your character collect anything? Is that collection of any value to anyone other than them?
    Much to Keste's dismay their shared closet space is filled to capacity with outfits Desdarii finds pretty. She also loves collecting unusual articles of clothing like monocles and turbans and keeps them stored in their room. I can't imagine these items being of much interest to anyone other than Desdarii.
  4. Does he or she have any “side” jobs or professions, other than their class and/or talent professions?
    Desdarii does have one job she performs every so often. At the guild tavern where parties or gatherings are held she likes to round up some beverages and tend the bar. Being a mage she can summon water for those underage or unwilling to drink and can hand out alcohol to those wishing to have a good time.
  5. What would you find in his or her sofa cushions?
    What wouldn't you find would probably be a better question. With a shared sofa space who knows what Desdarii's guild mates have left in there.

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