Monday, October 20, 2008

Achievment Weekend

This weekend was one full of achievements for Desdarii. I already mentioned obtaining the Onyxia achievement but I also did plenty of other things. I don't know why I find this so fun but something about this new system brings out the collector in me.

Achievements I'm Preparing For:

To all the Squirrels I Loved Before
I actually turned this one into a guild event inviting anyone interested in following me around the world /love-ing animals. I figured I was going to do this anyway and people might appreciate my ability to portal them across the globe. It turned out a huge success. Out of the 21 animals to love, two of them are in Northrend so they will have to be loved later. From the 19 remaining I was able to /love 14 of them. The trip was called short due to the Onyxia raid but it's an excellent head start on getting this completed next month.

World Explorer
This one was actually Keste's idea not mine. I was traversing the globe looking for all the candy buckets and he suggested that I fully explore all the zones while I'm there anyway. As a result I have all of the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor fully explored and have those two mini achievements. I have a couple missing corners in Outland to fill and then I'll just have to wait for Northrend to get my World Explorer title!

Achievements I Completed:

Bring Me The Head Of... Oh Wait
Yes I've killed the Headless Horseman. I've killed him a lot. I'm still waiting for my darn squashling.

Check Your Head
I had the darnest time finding a troll! Most of them I was able to get while standing in the Scarlett Monastary courtyard. The troll I actually got while exploring the Barrens.

Out With It
Puking is no fun but eating candy is!

Sparkling Smile
I've gotten about 30 stupid toothpicks in goodie bags. It's unfortunate they are soulbound since I know so many still waiting for them.

The Mask Task
I've gotten 4 masks so far. I don't think I'm going to get all 20 for the A Mask for All Occasions though.

The Savior of Hallow's End
What I thought was funny was all the little folks screaming "Don't Kill Him" because they thought this level 11 shade dropped epic loots.

Tricks and Treats of Azeroth
Yup I got all the continents and outland. It took a while.

Make Love Not Warcraft
While trying to explore Ogrimmar my good friend Nyriell was repeatedly attacked by a warlock and his level 30 buddy. The very annoying level 30 kept /fart and /spit and all sorts of rudeness to try to get me to flag too but we were just trying to move our merry way. On the second kill the warlock buggered off and his level 30 buddy stayed to /fart and /spit some more. So I flagged, one shot him and /hug-ged him. Thank you annoying level 30!

Know Thy Enemy
Got this one done in Alterac Valley. Didn't take long and I was surprised I got the killing blow on so many.

Got My Money On My Mind
I didn't realize how close I was to this one. This one surprised me last night during the Karazhan run.

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