Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Squashling!

Some happy news to report! Tonight I finally got my squashling! He's a little larger than usual thanks to Nyriell feeding him a pet biscuit. I'm so very happy I didn't miss out on this pet!

We almost didn't go out to face the Headless Horseman but I'm certainly glad we did. Keste and Geearthur got the Hallowed Helm and we got four squashlings! I was very happy when Nyriell got her squashling since she was nice enough to pass when the first one dropped so I may have it. Everyone walked away happy. It was a good evening.

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krizzlybear said...

I was going to leave a congratulatory comment, but the Word verification below the comment box says "poretal" and I just cannot stop laughing.

Congrats anyways, lol!