Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New Friend!

One of my dear guildies was enterprising enough to plan ahead and make a mass of glyphs for us on patch day. One of those very special glyphs is the new polymorph spell that turns things into penguins! WOOOOOOO!

I'm so easy to please it's just plain silly. Sure there are other glyphs too but I honestly just grabbed this out of the vault and ran outside to test it on the first thing I found. It was a deer. I should of been more creative and found a sheep to turn into a penguin but I was too excited!

He's so flipping cute!!


Mae said...

Ooh!! I'm so jealous. I want one of those glyphs. I'm sure I'll come around to one sooner or later! Look how cute he is!!

Anonymous said...

Nice... very nice...
Tell me, does it replace your other polymorph spells, or become an addition to the spell book?

I noticed a weird thing last night when I "checked" the box in my spell book that only shows the highest level spell, I only had poly - pig.. no sheep or turtle... talk about a 2,500g heart attack

Desdarii said...

It actually replaces your sheep spell. In order to penguin the deer I had to cast polymporph:sheep.

I still have sheep and pig as separate spells in my spellbook. I don't have turtle :(

Pike said...

So adorable!!