Monday, October 13, 2008

Karazhan Adventures

Tonight I want to share with you something probably many folks have never seen before. Medivh's Chambers inside of Karazhan. It's really quite an amazing sight!

Here's how this adventure came about. I tend to be a bit of a curious little Draenei. One of my failings to be sure. After killing Prince we were supposed to be walking back down to take on Nightbane. I saw a hallway we always neglected before and decided to wander up that way. Luckily I'm not the only Draenei struck with wanderlust as our Paladin tank, Geearthur, decided to follow me. Maybe he just knew I was up to no good.

At the top of this hallway was a door marked "Medivh's Chambers" and naturally I opened it to peek inside. Which unleashed two flesh beasts that tore me apart in seconds and then set their chompers on Gee. We were both too curious to let that go and brought it to a vote in the raid if we should explore Medivh's Chambers. It was decided we do.

There were a couple of rooms housing more beasties but then we came upon his main chamber and MAN does he have a big bed. I mean it's just huge! The entire raid could sleep comfortably on it. After playing monkeys on the bed and a few pillow fights we put our game faces back on and dutifully headed down to dispatch Nightbane.

We were once again successful in taking care of the great flaming skeletal dragon and thought it would be a neat idea to make a smilie face with Nightbane's corpse as our hair so we fumbled around like ninnys trying to make a smilie face but we were too slow and Nightbane faded away before we were situated. So instead we just took a picture of us in our smilie formation.

All said and done this was one of the most fun raiding nights I've had in quite some time. Just being goofy and enjoying each other's company. We'll see how everything shakes out after the changes tomorrow.

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