Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Review

I really haven't been contributing as much as normal to my blog and wanted to stop in and give you what I have been up to lately.

  • I'm still running Karazhan with my team. Really just don't have anything new to report. We're doing well. Have cleared up to Nightbane once again and tonight we give the skeleton dragon another go. Hopefully we do well.
  • Desdarii is half-heartedly working on reputation with Netherwing. I say half-heartedly because I really don't care if I get a drake or not. I find them kind of big and annoying (the main reason I traded in my Elekk for a Ram). Yes, they are pretty blue and all but I'm really not breaking my back to earn one. Keste is trying much harder than I am. The money is definitely good though.
  • We've been running many more heroics lately which can only be seen as a good thing. After earning my new robes I had 3 badges remaining. After this weekend plus Kara last night I'm back to 24 badges! Not too shabby.
  • We had some guild drama come to a close (or at least I'm hoping to a close) last night when several members who were unhappy splintered off. I didn't know many of them very well as they were the later raiding team and I mostly slept while they were online but I do wish them well and the happiness they seek. I'm hoping the rest of the guild can let it go and help us all move on to brighter days. These sorts of things happen to guilds all the time and I do not see it as an issue in the long run.
  • I finished off Goldy's enchanting skill getting it to 375. Don't look at her stats because they are jacked up beyond belief because of this final push. Now I need to find an enchanter with healing stuff to help fix the mess I made but at least she is done and will be set to continue come Wrath.
  • Newest addition to the roster would be Razzlez and Dazzlez. Keste and I transferred these old characters from Nathrezim to Blackwater Raiders to enjoy time away from the mains leveling together. Razzlez is a gnome warrior and Dazzlez is a gnome warlock. They are both level 62 currently and we're having a good time. I've forgotten how much fun a warlock is. I also had forgotten how stinking easy a warlock is! I barely have to pay attention and things just die at my feet. It's pretty spiffy.

I think that wraps up my last weekend in a nutshell. All these little things didn't seem worth mentioning on their own. I'll make it a priority to try and post a bit more though.

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