Friday, October 24, 2008

Anna's Friday Five - Zombies

This week's Friday Five from Anna is concerning recent events in Azeroth with the festivities and scourge invasion. Here are my answers from Desdarii.

  1. What is your character’s favorite holiday?
    Far and away Desdarii adores Hallow's End more than any other festival. Dressing up, getting candy, and fun little gifts are just some of her very favorite things making the current holiday her favorite.

  2. Is your character playing along with Hallow’s End festivities? If so, which ones?
    Any and all of them. Desdarii is having some difficulty cleaning stink bombs in Southshore though. Just doesn't seem to get attacked when she's visiting. She will kill the headless horseman however many times it takes to get a squashling though.

  3. How is your character reacting to the recent manifestations of the Plague?
    Not well. She's already terrified of undead but having friends and family members zombified before her eyes is like a living nightmare.

  4. Is your character planning to go to Northrend? Why or why not?
    Yes but begrudgingly. Desdarii follows where her husband leads. The idea of a frozen wilderness doesn't appeal to her much but at least she'll have her big fuzzy bear to keep her warm.

  5. If your character were a zombie… what kind of zombie would they be?
    A vengeful zombie. Desdarii would find all those people that forced her to "Hey go step 5 feet and tell this guy this" and bite them. Lazy people like that deserve to be infected.


gmazeroth said...

You might already know this, but if you want the squashling(and the helm for the achievement), be sure you are trick or treating inn keepers as often as possible. You have a chance to get the pet or helm from that as well. It's how I got my pet, and it's a nice supplemental way to try for it while you're killing the horseman a few times a day.

Desdarii said...

I actually did know this because I read about it on your blog! :D

And I'm still really jealous.