Monday, October 20, 2008

Karazhan Speed Edition

Last night my raiding team planned on going to Zul'Aman. However, it wasn't meant to be when we could only get a team of 9 together. Instead we decided to see how the new patch effected us by going back into Karazhan with our 9 folks.

First we experienced some issues. There were problems with the instance server and when we tried to enter Karazhan we were booted out saying the instance couldn't be found. We are a bunch of stubborn S.O.B's though and just kept slamming ourselves into the portal until one of us got in. That was the key. If one person could get in, the rest of the team could. We took great pains to make sure we didn't leave again. Even when we had a strange glitch that caused Midnight and all the monsters surrounding him to charge us when we were still near the entrance, we just left one person dead just as our safety net.

I have to say though, apart from that odd Midnight snafu, the night went surprisingly well for our little team. Instead of taking 2 (sometimes 3) nights to clear Karazhan, we emptied the place in one night and with nine people! Everything is dead even Prince, Netherspite and Nightbane. We were pretty darn proud of ourselves and it was great getting all those badges in one shot!

We're hoping that maybe we can try ZA tonight if we can fill that mysterious 10th slot!

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