Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgivingmas?

Keste and I are horrible at present giving. Honestly, it's mostly me. When I buy someone a present I want to give it to them right now so I can see their face light up when they open it. I believe this attitude of mine has infected Keste because he's now just as bad at me when it comes to present giving. We're lucky if we have any presents to actually open on Christmas Day. So far I've been strong and not allowing him to open his big Christmas present which I already have and wrapped so he can't peak.

As a Christmas present Keste had planned on getting me Bananas Charm from the card game. No sooner did he have the card and the code than did he tell me and email me the information so I could login immediately and obtain it.

So here it is. A full month before Christmas and I have one of my presents. And I don't care! I love little monkeys so much! I would have a monkey as a real life pet if Keste would let me.

Best part of this pet is clicking on him to hear his tiny little monkey noises. I've already been stopped and asked where you get that item. I proudly said that Bananas comes from having an awesome husband and trotted off happily with my little Bananas in scurrying along behind me. I then of course got a whisper and told them the complete answer to their question.

Thank you Keste for my little Bananas. No, you can't open your big present yet. Yes, I know you know what it is already.

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Mae said...

lol!!! That's adorable! I'm terrible at present giving for the same reason you are, I love to see people open presents and be happy with the thing I've gotten for them. I love it more than getting presents, even! Sometimes, though, I like to watch my husband stew, look at the wrapped box and wonder what's inside. Of course, rather than letting him open it, he usually manipulates me into telling him what it is. I'm so weak!

Congrats on the awesome pet, he is adorable!!!