Monday, November 24, 2008

Loving Frostfire

This weekend I completed a lot of questing and as a result reached level 75. It went so quickly I was shocked that I was already half way through the 10 level increase in a little over a week.

I believe I have mentioned before being unsatisfied with my mage since the 3.0 patch. I’ve done frost before and yes it’s good but I wasn’t a fan of the pet (if I wanted a pet I’d be a warlock). I attempted fire and while it was better damage I really wasn’t tearing things up quick enough. I believe monsters should be dead before they get to me. Without the slowing of the frostbolt, fire spec couldn’t do this. I was arcane until recently because I liked the speed of the spells and the fact that I could move and still be effective. This was faster but had the same problems as fire where I would get smacked around quite a bit even when using slow.

After reading the post on Critical QQ about leveling Frostfire, I decided to give it a try. I used the spec recommended by Euripedes and filled out the frost tree portion first as instructed.

I’m a very happy mage. Very, very happy. Thank you Euripedes! I am definitely staying with my mage as my main now that I’m truly having fun killing again. I recommend you read his post as it is most informative. Another good read would be Frostfire for Frost Mages post by Krizzlybear.

Why am I so ga-ga over this? Well it’s filling in the gaps I was missing when playing with the other specs.

Frostfire slows the monster as well as dots it. I can usually kill the creature quite easily before it has a chance to reach me. A defining trait of “glass cannons” I think. It doesn’t have the speed advantage of arcane but I’m seeing crits fairly regularly which certainly makes up in the casting time delay. I don’t have to remember to summon a pet (I’m a little too ditzy to be reliable with this). All things considered this seems to be the spec best suited for my playstyle.

Biggest bonus? That frostfire bolt is pretty as heck. All blue center with burny edge goodness. I’m all about killing in style.

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