Friday, November 7, 2008

Stand By Your Man

Since I really lack anything interesting to say today and I was reminded of this historical moment in my gaming life, I thought I would take some time out to share.

This little video was made back in 2002 when Keste and I were still just dating. We were both playing Dark Age of Camelot and the expansion Shrouded Isles had just launched. We took the day to just run around like ninnies and explore the new areas.

Keste was a multi-boxer back in the day so you'll see 4 characters in the video but it's only just us two. I'm the little human looking one. Keste's character was a "Hero" (think WoW warrior) and his little followers were both healers. I was a bard and could also heal.

Keste saw these purple conned trees (think WoW elites) and wanted to attack them for fun. I really preferred to keep running around but he pulled them anyway. Now what the video does not show is me in the back healing like a mad woman trying to keep him alive. The camera spins around just in time to see me call the encounter a wash and run away so I could come back and rez his stupid butt. He of coursed added the music for comedic effect which if you ask me is timed perfectly.

It was a long time ago but it's a fun old memory. The jokes of my "running away" skills still comes up every so often when we hang out with our old DAoC friends.

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