Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yup, Still 71

In a new land where people are almost racing to level; I’m very content to take my time. We have some guildies that are 74+ now. I am running into people already level 80 and I honestly don’t care.

I wouldn’t categorize myself as a “slow leveler”, more of a controlled and organized one. I simply don’t want to skip a single quest. I don’t mind if it’s green or grey. I don’t care if I’ve got seventeen other quests waiting for me in some other area. I want to finish where I am first.

I’m also a bit of a wanderer. When I visit a new town I speak to every single NPC that has something to say. I browse every single vendor. I try the new foods and look at the clothes on my character just in case there’s some RP gem in there.

I am a quest reader. Gasp! Yes, much to my husband’s dismay I do enjoy reading new quests. This gets him a tad impatient with me as I stand at the NPC for an extra minute to read what it is he wants us to do. What he needs to admit is that it ends out working to his advantage when I know what we have to do when we get to the quest location.

I’m keeping up with daily quests like the cooking and the jewelcrafting quests. It’s nice they give experience as well just so they can’t be called total wastes of time. However, I will not start regular questing until I have them either completed or by lucky chance we will be killing where I can collect the items.

After I’ve finished the Fjord, I actually plan on going to the Tundra and doing those quests as well. I’m a completist. You will not rush me.

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Gee said...


Slow and steady wins the race,or so the old adage would have us all believe.

From a fellow guildie's perspective, most of the people we have seem to be progressing at the same rate, with a few rare cases that have more time doing just what they could be doing and spending more time leveling. Have fun and do it at your own pace!