Monday, November 24, 2008

Matted Hair and Sharpened Claws

Say hello to Matted Hair and Sharpened Claws, a new World of Warcraft blog written by none other than my furry druidic husband, Keste! I was really wondering when he would decide to get in on the act. See he actually can write, not just blather on like I do. I knew it was just a matter of time.

He plays a druid and primarily tanks although can be found in panther form quite often. He has healed from time to time with success including Burning Crusade heroics. To my knowledge he has not played a boomkin himself so probably only minimal information about that play style. He is a big fan of the druid class and I think a nice addition to the blogging community.

Apart from his druid centered obsessions he is an add-on addict. He's really got it bad. He's got mods that tells him what his mods are doing. You should probably also expect add-on information and reviews from him.

I do recommend taking a look at his excellent post on Loot Rank. He sent the link to me and I blinked at it for about 3 minutes to make it look like I was figuring it out before admitting I didn't know how to use it. He made a wonderful post with instructions on how to use this tool.

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