Friday, November 21, 2008

Fjord is Finished

I have made it to level 72 on Desdarii. Last night was one of those rare nights where I could just fart around all I like and do some stuff. I was able to completely explored Howling Fjord and I also finished 130 quests in the Fjord getting those two achievements. This morning I traveled to the Tundra and was able to complete the critter love achievement!

Desdarii has been lounging about a bit trying to fish up a rat in the sewers. Much like my luck on any quest that requires you to randomly fish up a pet, I’ve come up with bupkus. I bet stupid Keste could fish in there for 30 seconds and get his stupid rat like his dumb crocolisk and his ugly mr. pinchy. I’m not bitter though. Not a bit. I’m only 2 pets away from my skunk which I think adds to my irritation. I will not be beaten!

Desdarii was also able to get honored with the Kaluak. I received a jewelcrafting pattern for my efforts and I’m one step closer to that penguin pet. The fishing pole would also be very handy. Perhaps it’ll help me get my rat.

I’ve been keeping up much better with the jewelcrafting skill with much thanks to Geearthur. The miner/enchanter saw benefit in sending me his ore which has quickly elevated me from 380 to 400 jewelcrafting. Also Keste and Nyriell have been coming up with small bunches of ore from goodness knows where that they’ve sent me. It all has helped immensely. My cooking, mining, fishing and first aid are all 400 skill and above now as well. I’d say I’m doing fairly well.

Also this week Goldy got to come to the Nexus which was great fun. For a healer, she really enjoyed the capturing and torturing portion of that quest. She shocked him until he pleaded for death. It seems this little dwarf has an unexpected mean streak. She did well enough healing in the Nexus only really having problems on the “I’m going to shoot ice spikes out of the ground” dude. Luckily no one died but I don’t think it was through her efforts so much as a smart group.

Instead of moving on to the next zone, Desdarii is starting over in Borean Tundra to do those quests. I need to explore and get my quest achievements here as well!

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