Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Setting Aside Desdarii?

It is tempting with the expansion to switch mains and move forward with a different character. I have to say it's an idea I've tossed around more and more since the 3.0.x patches came out. I have re-specced several times and I'm doing ok damage but I'm just not really having a whole lot of fun lately.

I've considered the reasons this may be:

1. The dungeons are quite a bit easier.

Our raid has moved on to ZA but we still do Karazhan and we can get the dungeons completed in one night a piece. We used to spend at least 2 days to knock out everything in Karazhan alone and were still kind of scared of ZA. We blast through Karazhan just AoE tanking everything.

I will admit this was SUPER fun at first. Getting through a raid dungeon in one night was very satisfying. But just flying through without much of a worry has gotten a bit old. We were able to finish a Heroic yesterday with 4 people when someone crashed last night.

I think a challenge is needed to keep things fun.

2. I really can't find a spec I enjoy.

I've re-specced several times now and like I already mentioned I'm doing fine, just not what I feel a pure DPS class should do. This could all completely be user error and I could be doing it all wrong. I don't claim to be any mage expert. I mostly like to dress up and dance around. When called upon I can smash buttons to make pretty effects that hurt monsters.

I'm currently trying a fire spec with a splash of arcane in for support. It was sort of hard to gauge how well it performed in Karazhan since all we did was AoE our way through it and I had some sort of issue with living during boss fights. I only died during two, but it was irritating.

I have some pretty darn good gear for my play style and still I'm just feel like I'm lacking in performance. When I died early on in a fight yesterday the boss still died very quickly. My contribution wasn't missed at all. This could all because of #1 and the dungeons being too easy but it's not really a good feeling to not be needed.

3. I'm just bleh and tired in RL

Seriously all I want to do all day is sleep. Keste's little bear cub is sucking all my energy and making me want to hibernate. I'm grumpy and whiny when tired and it could be contributing to my being so bored and annoyed with my mage. I think, "Sheesh I'm barely helping kill these things. Maybe my time would of been better spent sleeping since they wouldn't miss me."

I continue to show up because I like my team quite a bit and don't want them scrounging around for a replacement at the last minute. They are a fun team and worth the company.

So what would I play if I did shelf Desdarii?

I haven't decided really. I may fall in love with Desdarii all over again when Wrath does get here. I do have other possibilities I am kicking around though.

I have Goldy, my priestess, and I had planned to respec her to shadow for leveling in Wrath. I do love to melt faces with shadow priests. It could be good fun to be DPS but able to switch to a healing spec when required. Makes me feel a little more versatile than "Shall I hit the monster with a blue bolt or a red bolt?"

I also have my secret druid that is only a few levels shy of 70 at this point that I could move forward with. I was thinking a Balance/Resto hybrid so I could possibly take on a healing roll in the new dungeons if required. And talk about versatile! Druids can do everything! I have always been really horrible at melee range fighting though. /blush

I know I'm not the only one kicking around this idea either. The new expansion is the perfect opportunity to swap characters and play one you really enjoy. Everyone will be on similar leveling playing field and you won't feel like you have all this catching up to do. Keste has considered switching to his little warrior though I don't think it is likely. He loves his druid. He may be just experiencing the same "waiting for expansion" lulls I am.

It's not a done deal. Just something I'm kicking around in the back of my mind. Only things that would be a big snag for me is 1) I love teleporting all over the world in seconds and 2) Dang it I've done a lot of achievements on Desdarii already!

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Gee said...

As long as you're having fun, we're happy. I know I've told you that a thousand times, and I'll keep saying it. Whatever you decide to do, the team's more than happy to have you along any time.