Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Different Methods of Travel

Something I've found very interesting in my time spent in the Howling Fjord is the convenient methods of travel given. The little loaner vehicles help you get across the zone to where you need to be saving you travel time. I've found these to be most beneficial and am very happy with Blizzard's implementation of this feature.

Some of the free rides I've experienced:

Flying Machine

Iron Rune Construct

Bomber Plane

Flaming Spear Surfing


Ringo Flinthammer said...

With four different flying carpets available to tailors in this expansion (although, to be fair, each specialty gets one 280 speed carpet), I sure hope one or more of the flying machines gets added to the engineers' repertoire before the expansion's end.

It pains me that my goblin engineer wife had to get the rocket mount from the card game, rather than it being offered by the goblin engineer trainer back in Outland.

If you haven't done it yet, there's a daily quest at Steel Gate where you fly a fighter plane and fight gargoyles over the Explorers League dig site.

Mae said...

How fun has this expansion already been! I love it! I love all the mounts and costumes. It's been so much fun!