Thursday, November 6, 2008

WoW Player Calendar

Our guild used to use Group Calendar like I think many guilds did. I was really excited for the new calendar. I realize that some people are still hooked on Group Calendar and while I liked some of the features I'm more excited about having a built in system to control it.

WoW Calendar Pros:
  • Everyone has it by default. We had some people who just refused to use add ons and made organizing raids, dungeons or anything scheduled a pain in the tookas. The main excuse being they didn't know when a raid was or when it started. Now there's no excuses.
  • They added it to the armory! I can view our schedule and accept events while not in game!
  • It isn't limited to the guild. We can invite our friends guilded or not to join in our events. We tried using a shared channel in the past on Group Calendar and our calendar just got flooded with stupidness by RP haters. We were forced to keep it to ourselves.

WoW Calendar Cons:

  • You can only invite 100 people. What the heck! If I'm doing some roleplay event I am not going to say "sorry we have 100 people here, please leave". Or what about guild meetings where we want everyone to attend? This limit needs to be adjusted. We're not even a large guild and I can see this being an issue.
  • Setting the event owner able to confirm or decline an accepted invitee would be nice. If we're doing a dungeon and 9 mages show up, someone is going to get the axe. Right now it just accepts anyone who clicks yes.
  • Standby option would be nice. If I notice they have enough mages I'd like the chance to put myself on standby in case one of them doesn't show.

I've only made a few events since this new feature was added so I'm sure I could be missing pros and cons but this is my personal experience. It's had a few glitches especially since the last patch but overall I'm happy to have this in game.

Group Calendar was good but it took long to update sometimes and other times it wouldn't display events on everyone's calendar. It was sort of hit and miss sometimes but it was all we had so we were happy to have it! I think for the most part a lot of the issues were user problems and not the mod's fault. Thank you developers of Group Calendar! Your great idea is now being distributed to everyone!

The calendar has been the voice of some confusion of late and I am putting here a call for help. If anyone has a post or a link to a description of how to use the calendar properly that I can share with the guild I would appreciate it immensely! Anyway to get people better accustomed to using this feature would be helpful.

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