Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Times with Nyriell and Desdarii

If you ever need lessons on how to not level, Nyriell and I are your perfect teachers. To be fair we did first finish a dungeon run of Azjol-Nerub so we weren't complete slackers. I can't say I enjoyed that bug infested dungeon much.

Afterwards we decided we needed a little relaxation time. I had heard about Spicy Tuna and his taming of all the crazy cat ladies' pets so we thought that was perfect.

Nyriell already had several critter bites made and I used some of my cooking tokens to buy the recipe for myself. I didn't have enough to make 10 bites but Ny was nice enough to share with me. I portaled us out to Stormwind and we raced to the crazy cat lady's home.

Nyriell went first taming 7 cats, 2 cows and a deer. It was too funny I had to take a picture. They followed her around like her own little critter army. It was too much fun! Unfortunately when her timer was up the critters disappeared so we had to wait before I could take my turn.

To pass the time we ran out to the lumber mill and picked ourselves up a couple of pretty ponies. We decided we liked the slower kind better. The armor on the swifter pony's looked silly. So we ran through the forests of Elwynn having a good ol' time on our new ponies.

By the time we had returned to the crazy cat lady's home, all her cats had returned as well as the cows. I tossed out my critter bites and got 8 cats and 2 cows to follow me around earning the Critter Gitter achievement.

This is when Ny had her spark of genius and said I should take my critter army into Stormwind. Since you only have a few short minutes with your critters after using the snacks I raced towards the gates of Stormwind with my cat and cow army in tow. We were ready to make our demands for cat nip and hay and whatever else it is cow and cats want.

I did make it to the Trade District but not much farther. It was worth it though when Wilven mentioned in guild chat all the cows and cats he saw just charge into the city of Stormwind.


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