Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wuzzy's Arrival

Today I had a surprise in my mailbox. A small crate that made adorable growling and then squeaking noises. Inside is the most adorable little polar bear cub you have ever seen.

I am not certain who sent it or where he comes from but I'm happy to keep him. There was a small note attached that was signed Devteam. He's so soft and cuddly! I've named him Wuzzy. If I ever find out who Devteam is I will certainly give them a huge bear hug!

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Mae said...

Wuzzy is SO cute!! Dontcha just love getting sweet little guys in the mail? I know I was happy to get my little skunk Stinker in the mail, Breanni is one awesome gnome! Grats on the new baby!