Sunday, November 16, 2008

RL Guild Meeting

This weekend Keste and I met up with our some of our guildies in real life and had a blast. Meeting everyone was great. There were 10 in all gathered to meet face to face. Our good friends Firefizzle and Nyriell handed out these achievement cookies for everyone. I thought they were hilarious and took a picture before I eat it.

We had fun going to a museum and out to eat. Saturday night we sat around and played Munchkin, which is a fabulous game. I completely recommend it. Keste and I will be purchasing a copy for ourselves.

Meeting everyone was fantastic and was a truly memorable event. Gwydion, Rina and Ethwn were very gracious opening up their home to everyone and allowing us to meet and hang out there with them. Restriel and Drestrien were a hoot. Jaci was a sweetie and Rina is of course my mana-totem-loving sister. I'm so happy to have met you all!

I have to say meeting Firefizzle and Nyriell in person was simply wunderbar! They are such lovely people and it was a treat for them to have come so far and simply shower us with gifts! They are too much and it was nothing short of pure pleasure to get to spend time with them. We were driving home and Keste asked if I missed my buddy (Nyriell) already. I pouted in response. I will munch my German chocolate and think of you two! Thank you so much for coming!

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