Thursday, November 13, 2008

Behind The Curve

I do not currently have my new copy of Wrath and won't until probably 5:30pm EST tonight. Keste and I are old. We can't stay up until midnight on a Wednesday. We have jobs that make us get up at o'dark thirty and Keste gets up even earlier than I poor fella.

Keste contemplated staying up and picking up the copy and then coming home for a couple hours of sleep. Our local gamestop was open at 10pm for nerd fest and I think he was slightly interested in going. It wasn't even a thought for me. My pregger butt sees sleep greater than everything else. I think in the end Keste realized how tired he would be and that it just wasn't worth it.

So while folks took today off to enjoy the new wonders of Northrend, I'll be spending my night installing the game. I'm hoping Keste will start my install when he gets home! I'm sure he will. Maybe I'd better call him to make certain...

We're excited to head off to the new lands with our friends. We just hope they're able to wait for us!

Oh and in completely unrelated but irritating news. I brought Goldy to Karazhan for the last time last night and the silly dwarf got the T4 gloves. Do you have any idea how many times Desdarii has rolled for and lost her T4 gloves? It's just sad. That dwarf has always been my lucky character.

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Dodge said...

Yes, yes! After I get the game and run by the grocery store, I will be installing the game!