Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greetings from Dalaran

So much to tell as I've seen so much in the last couple of days! Keste and I are working well together helping the good folks found in the Howling Fjord.

I think thus far my most memorable moment was receiving training to make it to Dalaran. This city just hums with the vibrations of magic. Add to that that the entire city is beautiful it hard to find reasons to leave. I must of spent hours running through the streets. I visited every shop and spent a lot of gold trying man little curiosities I found. The chocolate cake is delicious!

I also visited the sewers and found myself a new ghostly skull companion. Pretty spooky. I also found this odd assortment of animals in the sewer. They seem strangely familiar and made me think of my little brother. I took this picture for him.

I completed a cooking task and was given a cooking award! It was very exciting. I can turn in the awards for more recipes which is going to be most useful.

Other than all the running around I've worked hard on keeping up my fishing and cooking skills. I have spent quite a bit of time fishing and then cooking up my catches. It's working well. Jewelcrafting is not going as well. The Fjord seems a bit populated at this time so finding unused mining locations is difficult. I'll most likely will have to return to work on this skill at a later date. I was able to finish one task and received a token for jewelcrafting.

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