Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shared Topic: Your Character's Theme Song

This week's shared topic from Blog Azeroth is to describe Your Characters Theme Song. I honestly had a difficult time with this topic and it's so very odd as I do love music so very much. I really had a hard time coming up with a song that really could be considered summing up Desdarii in any logical way.

After wracking my brain and drawing nothing but blanks, I tried getting some feedback and asked Keste what he thought Desdarii's theme song would be. His response was "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles. Before you gasp and wonder how loud the smack was from such a suggestion, let me explain. This suggestion was brought about from a conversation in Karazhan last week.

I have been sporting for a while now the Wicked Witch's Hat from the Opera event in Karazhan. I very much love this hat as it makes me feel very wizardly to be wearing a pointy hat. Last week, some raid members selected it as a defining characteristic of my character. There were warnings not to take candy from me and that I lure children into houses and the like. That's honestly not the personality Desdarii has but I got a little caught up and started using /cackle to prove their point.

The topic kept popping up during the evening. The gnome mage and dwarf hunter being the biggest proponents of this discussion. I finally announced to the raid that "I eat babies." which started the everyone exploding with laughter. I then stated that the dwarf (being the main offender) was small and sort of looked like a baby. I wouldn't be surprised if most smaller characters (and lets face it, there are few who are taller than a female draenei) are afraid of the baby eating witch.

Thanks to all this I'm sort of branded a witch so Keste's music suggestion certainly does fit. I don't think it's really a theme song per say though. I'll revisit this topic if any song should suddenly present itself as the "Desdarii Theme Song".


Mae said...

I just realized, your header says you're on Blackwater Raiders!!! I, too, am on BWR! What a small world. I think it's awesome to find another BWR blogger out there!! Very neat!

Also, I've really enjoyed your blog!

One more thing, I thought you'd get a kick out of this... the first three letters of my word verification are "nub" lol ;)

Desdarii said...

Wonderful! I'm adding your blog to my reader list now so we can keep in touch. I can live vicariously through you and your end game raiding :)

Mae said...

I added you too!! It's so rare to find someone else of the BWR crowd. It's nice, tho! I'll make sure to channel you only the good, boss killing raids... not the "not another wipe on BB" raids. lol. =P