Monday, August 25, 2008

Embarrassing Story Time!

Last Saturday, Keste and I attended the wedding of our good friends. We sat at a table (near the bar) with our other real life friends and my parents. None of these people play World of Warcraft so the festivities were geekless and much drinking ensued.

After a couple rum and Cokes (which were decidedly heavy on the rum), I spot a person coming up to the bar with a Jinx quest giver's hat.

I'm thinking to myself, "Neat! Here's a potential new friend!" and point him out to Keste. Keste smiled and went back to his happy drink. He's a bit of a poop sometimes.

I'm one of those crazy people that will simply walk up and start a conversation with you whether you asked for it or not. It's just how I am. Since I wasn't trusting myself with my rum soaked stomach and high heals, I flagged the guy down and motioned for him to come over.

"I'm ready for my quest!", I stated.

*blink* *blink* "What?"

I try again, "My quest. Your hat says you have a quest for me and I'd like to have it now"

Well for some strange reason this guy wears a WoW related hat around and hasn't the foggiest idea what the heck it means. He told me that his buddy left it in his garage and so he claimed it.

I tried explaining it's from a online game and he interrupts with, "Oh. Well only one other person has ever recognized it and he was 12 years old."

So immediately I turn seventeen shades of red in embarrassment under the assumption that I'm so uncool to play games that children play. What cheesed me off more was how Keste started bursting out laughing as if he was some how not connected with me and the childish game. I'm still not over this and he will pay at an unnamed date in the future.

I didn't honestly feel bad for long as hat man was classy enough to attend a wedding in jeans. He also tried to explain to me that he was related to the bride because his step-brother is step-sisters with the bride (yeah honey, there's no blood lines there). Oh and he kind of smelled. So I take it he was just a bit of an ignorant fool and I shouldn't feel so upset by the discussion.

I know there are other older WoW players out there. If you happen to see people with quest giver hats, please stop them and ask them for your quest. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be this same jerk and we can embarrass him into not wearing a hat he's clueless about.


Anonymous said...

If and when I see one, I will ask.

Are there "?" caps.. I would love to deliver 6 random pieces of rubbish to someone and ask what phat lootz they have for me...

Aurdon said...


I'm sure I would have been the one looking like a fool if a girl came up to me in a bar saying that.

I'd understand her line, but I'd still stutter my way into some sort of ridiculous attempt at sounding witty.

Desdarii said...

Gnomeaggedon: Yes there are "?" caps as well and that is a hilarious idea!

Aurdon: If I came up to you, you'd just have to say you write "I Sheep Things"!

Mae said...

I admit, I giggled. Half for the story's humor, half because I feel for the pain of your embarrassment.

I must say, however, that I love that hat and my darling husband wants one now!! I may look into it.

To gnomeaggedon - LOL... random pieces of rubbish, reminds me of Christmas with my in-laws! =P

Zupa said...

all kinds of awesome!