Friday, August 22, 2008

Magisters' Terrrace

Last night I was working on my daily chores and received a message from a stranger requesting my assistance with work inside Magisters' Terrace.

I'm not overly fond of working with strangers. I don't know them and how they work and it usually ends up with me miscalculating something and people get frustrated. However, since I had never actually seen the inside of Magisters' Terrace and I had a great deal of curiosity about the place, I agreed to attend.

This area is positively beautiful. I walked in an immediately just stood in place to take it all in. You could just feel all the magic in the air and I felt quite comfortable walking along the well landscaped paths.

I did luck out with my choice of companions as they were knowledgeable of both mine and their skills. As a result, we were able to move through the terrace with little issues and even able to complete a couple of tasks I had inside. I even was treated to a special vision when I touched an orb.

My absolutely favorite part of the entire dungeon had to be the event that behaved similar to a five vs. five arena match. They allowed me to plan the attack on which enemy died first and it felt great when we succeeded. A close second to the five vs. five fight would be the swarms of mana leeches that I got to slaughter with arcane explosion. I think all rooms should have swarms like these for me to explode.

Although we were not able to defeat Kael'thas I marked the evening as a success. I had a great time. I think if I'm able to return with people with slightly better gear we could go all the way. Maybe I can convince some of my Thalanaari friends that they need to attend with me.

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