Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Desdarii Gets a Little Ranty

I purposely waited a couple days before starting this post because the other night I was very irritated and felt it would of come across as a little mean. I'm not trying to be mean, just vent some of my frustrations. I'm not a hard core raider. I've only been through Karazhan but I don't think just because we're at the lowest raiding instance excuses people from being responsible team members.

This post is about raid moochers. You know the type. People who come to raids unprepared. I'm not talking about just once or twice, but constantly.

You see them online all day with another character accomplishing other things. Then they show up to your raid and announce they are completely out of every consumable and reagent they could possibly need. Oh and their armor is broken.

What's particularly frustrating is that they often do not feel the least bit upset about putting everyone out. There's always some excuse. Potions are too expensive. I have no way to get such and such item on my own. I do not have the skill to obtain/cook the food I need. I didn't have time to repair/buy reagents. Whatever the excuse they see it as perfectly acceptable for you to hand over whatever it is they didn't bring.

All I have to say to these people is:

The the frick on the stick and prepare your character BEFORE the raid! You are not wasting just your time. You are waisting 9+ people's time, money, mana, etc. We are not responsible for your character's needs. If you want to be on a raiding team, you need to put forth this effort.

If it was up to me these types of unprepared people would get an immediate boot and someone else who was ready pulled in. Nothing frustrates me more to have to spend time waiting on someone who didn't want to bother with preparing for the raid's needs.

Now I'm not saying everyone needs to always be on time with everything needed. People are imperfect and slip now and then. The raid is a team and I think it certainly should help it's members where they can. I don't mind handing over some mana potions when the person consistently comes prepared and just didn't realize they were low. I don't mind sharing my food or opening a portal to go quickly repair because someone was running late that day. That's fine. Things happen.

It's when these actions become a habit with that I start to quickly lose my patience. On top of that, some expect me to feel sorry for them because they can't afford to buy what they need! If I can find time to afford it, then you can. If for whatever reason you honestly cannot fund such activities, maybe you shouldn't be raiding.

Things to prepare yourself to avoid making me grouchy:
  • Be early for a raid. If raid starts at 8pm and you login at 7:59pm you are late. You should be at the instance with all your required goodies ready to go at raid time.
  • If you expect to be cutting it close, prepare everything beforehand. Repair, buy your potions/reagents/food and move your character to the instance you are running. Then all you have to log in and say "I'm here and ready to go!"
  • Do not start some ambitious task before raid time. Agreeing to run an instance with others 30 minutes before raid time is probably not a grand idea. What can be done is something you can drop easily such as dailies (so you can afford your own consumables!)
  • Offer to farm for materials for things you need. Don't know how to make Blackened Basilisk yourself? Go get the meat and find a friend to cook it up for you. Another good pre-raiding task.
  • If you absolutely must mooch from team members make sure you thank them. Nothing's worse than having to hand over your potions to someone who is thankless and thinks they deserve your stuff.

/end rant

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Cynra said...

I was in a guild that I helped form about two years ago. I loved the people, I loved our story, I loved how we interacted, but I hated raiding with them. One of the biggest problems that we had was that people did not get ready for raids ahead of time. I'm one of those people who are typically standing by the summoning stone ten minutes before invites even go out because I'm horribly afraid of being late. These guys, however, would consistently log in at raid start -- or later! -- and then spend ten to fifteen minutes getting ready.

However, these were the same people who had spent hours earlier in the day leveling alts or gabbing with friends. If they had taken the time beforehand to grab their consumables and then log out at the stone I wouldn't have cared. At all!

I'd have dumped them from the raid, but we were struggling each night just to get enough people to step foot into Karazhan. It was just a complete waste of everyone's time.

Ranting feels good sometimes, doesn't it?