Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quest of the Warcraft Novels

I love games with lore behind it. I have played games in the past simply because of my familiarity with the lore surrounding it. Playing those games and searching every nook and cranny for familiar spaces and faces. Unfortunately I really can not do this for World of Warcraft.

I was reading the post Study Time on Alts Ahoy and really understood where Nasirah was coming from. While I know bits and pieces about why this race is this and this class has that, I find myself quite dense when it comes to the big overall story.

Like Nasirah, I cannot play RTS games. At least not well and I typically abandon games that I completely stink at (like every FPS game ever made). So I am planning on learning in a way that I know I'll finish. Reading. I love to read and I think I would really benefit from knowing more of the lore. I've tasked myself the Quest of the Warcraft Novels!

I went to Amazon to purchase the books I'd need for this quest and I'm a bit lost. My search for Warcraft books came up with quite the assortment of books. Which do I read first? I really have no idea.

So I leave it to all the helpful people in the interwebs. Where should I start? Is there a logical progression I should follow? Books I must read or should avoid? Let me know and thank you!

I hadn't noticed until after I had passed it but this is post # 100! Go me!


krizzlybear said...

Funny you should say that, because I just made a post yesterday pretty much about the same thing. I picked up RotH alongside Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Porta. Just finished Rise today, and I say it's freaking sweet.

Oh, and about the FPS thing. Cheat codes FTW! That's how I pretty much learned about the Third War and Arthas.

Pike said...

Ooh, as I just wrote about on my own blog-- my boyfriend and I are currently reading "The Last Guardian" and it's GREAT, we're absolutely loving it. I also definitely recommend the "War of the Ancients" trilogy.

krizzlybear said...

I just noticed I wrote FPS instead of RTS. Whatever, point remains the same. Seconded Pike, though. Knaak is an alright guy.

gmazeroth said...

There must be some secret vibe going through the blogging community, because I ALSO just posted about the WoW books I've been reading and am looking forward to read! It's titled WoW Fiction if you want to look it up.

I've really enjoyed all of the books I've read. You don't really have to read any of them in order to enjoy them, as most of them are complete stories by themselves, but if you want to go through them chronologically, Rise of the Horde is a good place to start, followed up by Lord of the Clans.

I would suggest picking up the Warcraft: Archive, as it has 4 books in one, and they're some of the better ones. The already mentioned Lord of the Clans and The Last Guardian (about Kara, and Medivh, fantastic). Of Blood and Honor is a short story by Chris Metzen about Tirion Fordring, and Day of the Dragon, by Richard Knaak which introduces characters he uses in The War of the Ancients trilogy, which can also be bought in a single book.

I haven't read Tides of Darkness, or the Dark Portal yet, but I plan to. And I'm really looking forward to the next book by Christie Golden (who wrote Rise and Lord). It's titled, Arthas.

Desdarii said...

Thank you very much!

@gmazeroth: your post was most informative. I thank you very much.

I'll probably end up reading them all as that's the kind of crazy I am but you all have given me a great start!

Does it matter that I'm Alliance when I read Rise of the Horde or will is just make me want to turn traitor?