Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Karazhan and Zul'Aman

Last night I had a long night of firsts. Most of which I say are pretty exciting so I'm happy to share them.

First off we were successful in finally finishing off Prince Malchezaar! This man is a major pain in the tookas to be sure. Every time we have ever fought him he has had the indecency to slam giant infernals everywhere we tried to stand. I suppose from his point of view, placing the infernals out of the way wasn't really in his best interest but all the same it was very frustrating.

I wish I could say that I was an instrumental part of this battle but I accidentally backed up into an infernal I hadn't seen land and died fairly early on in the fight. It wasn't until I realized we were doing so well that I begged Keste to help me up during the fight so I could assist finishing him off.

Our raid leader, Geearthur finally has his precious banana back that Prince stole from him oh so many months ago. I thought the banana might be a bit rotten but Geearthur ate it anyway. Yuck.

After our success with Prince, we decided to continue exploring inside of Karazhan and found Netherspite in a back hallway. This ghostly giant dragon was truly fearful to look upon. I was sufficiently scared just standing near by preparing for the fight.

The fight for this beast appears quite tricky and complicated. I think we understand the jist of what needs to be done, we just need to perfect the execution of the technique. We attempted Netherspite a couple times and decided to move on. I'm sure a few more hours in study on this subject would not go to waste and so I plan to do just that sometime this week.

After facing down Netherspite, we traveled to the Ghostlands to poke our heads inside Zul'Aman. I had never even traveled to the Ghostlands before and so I had a bit of a ride ahead of me.

The place is very... hmmm how do I put it? Native. Reminds me of my brief time spent in Stranglethorn Vale. That is not a particularly fond memory.

We paused for a photo op at the entrance before heading in. I believe we didn't do so bad considering the majority of us has never seen this place before. I really don't know how far in we got but we killed several sets of trolls and bear riders.

I was a little annoyed that our raid leader kept choosing to use a hunter's trap to control attackers rather than my reliable polymorph spell. Then the one time I was called upon to turn a troll into a sheep; the spell broke almost immediately (I think someone poked it) and ran into the Paladin's consecrate spell so it appeared that I did not do my job. *sigh*

Was a good time and I look forward to continue to see what is inside here.

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Kestrel said...

Congrats on getting Prince down!

IMO, Netherspite is one of the two most difficult fights in Kara (the other being Moroes, although a lot of people would probably say Shade of Aran or Terestrian Illhoof are harder).

With Netherspite, the key is using the beams properly. Tanks in the red, casters in the blue, rogues (if you have 'em) in green, along with a healer who can regen mana quickly, is a viable strategy. Just need to swap out around 20-25 ticks for mana-users.

And even though I have a hunter, Polymorph > Freezing trap! MUCH easier to re-control, for one thing.