Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Learn 2 RP: The Dark Side

Not everyone chooses to play Miss Suzie Sunshine, happy with her lot in life and place in the world. There are some who purposely play their character as “bad” even evil. Some typical dark side characters would be thieves, assassins or those dabbling in dark magic. They may break laws to suit their own needs or may have a sinister plot and motives of their own. Evil characters may lie, cheat, steal, or murder; are dishonest, immoral or deceptive. But they do not necessarily have to have to have all or any of these traits. How you play your character is up to you.

It is important to note that being evil or bad does not give you the excuse to be abusive or cruel to others. Do not create an evil character with the intent to harass or bully other players. Once that character logs off, all grudges and bad vibes against other players must log off with him. Go too far and you could find yourself ignored, reported or banned. Role-play or not, you still have to abide by Blizzard’s rules.

What Kind of Evil Are You?

First thing you will want to consider is why your character is bad or evil. Typically people are not born to the dark side. Something happens that causes them to turn. Was it spurred on by some need for vengeance? Is it greed for power and wealth?

You also need to consider that evil is judged objectively by others. You can play the dark side with a character who believes himself good but his actions cause the public opinion of him to be that of bad.

Playing the dark side doesn't require your character to be cold, mysterious and dress in black all the time. Your character could be bright, intelligent and well liked by all but have secret dark motives.

There are countless numbers of ways to make your character bad and there are also varying degrees of evil. Make sure you take some time to figure out what suits you and your character best.

Some examples of evil characters:

  • You could be friendly and personable but a certain thing just sets you off cause you to be snippy and cold. You should have some sort of story reason of why this happens so those role-playing with you can discuss.
  • You are on a holy (or otherwise marked as “good”) mission and have no qualms about murdering or torturing innocents in your path so long as it is in the name of your cause. To you, your mission is just and right. To others you will be seen as a villain for your actions.
  • You are a typical socialite who finds themselves above normal society and often acts without conscience towards the “lower classes”
  • You are a spy for an enemy faction and are friendly and pleasant to all in attempts to pump them of information so you can feed it to your superiors.
  • You are part of a diabolical plot to assassinate a king or faction leader (perhaps a willing guild leader). You spend a lot of time around this faction to get in good with them. (If you plan on play like this, be prepared to lose. You will most likely be outnumbered and people like it when good conquers evil)
  • You are a bounty hunter, assassin or mercenary and will happily kill any other person if the price is right.

Playing the dark side can be a fun break from role-playing your other characters (or perhaps you are the type that plays the “good” side for a break). I generally have at least one “bad girl” in my roster that you have to keep your eye on. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and get yourself in any trouble!

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