Thursday, August 21, 2008

Focus Desdarii Focus!

I still have this driving goal stuck in my head to finish the ten thousand honor kills in the battlegrounds so I can finally earn my fancy pants. I have this goal in my brain, not the actual gumption to move toward this and find myself easily distracted in to accomplishing other tasks.

Yesterday, I woke up with this same goal. Must travel to Alterac Valley and kill the Horde. I repeated this directive to myself as I walked to the battle master intending to join the line to be called for service. I then was interrupted by a whisper in my ear asking for assistance in Scholomance by some of my Thalanaari brothers. This was the diversion I was looking for to avoid the mind numbing fights in the valley so I accepted.

After clearing out the scourge of Scholomance, I was invited to to attend a cleansing of the Shadow Labs. A priestly friend of ours wishing to obtain an honored reputation with them. It seemed a worthy task so I quickly zipped over to Auchindoun to join them.

After all this fun I realized I had not even spoken to the battle master for Alterac Valley. The sun had long since set and I was in no condition to fight the Horde. So no fancy pants for me. Maybe I'll fight for the Alliance tonight. Maybe.. oh look something shiny!

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