Friday, August 15, 2008

Ruts and Revenge

I really haven't had much in the way of interesting things to write about lately. Perhaps I'm in a rut of some sort. I wake up, do a daily chore or two, and then depending on the day I either head to Karazhan or the Battlegrounds. Rinse. Repeat. I intend to break this pattern tonight and do something different. What? I don't know but different is my goal!

I have been quite successful in gathering my gear from the battlegrounds and have one piece that is left to obtain. Light give me strength to help me finish this trial! The pants is the last piece I am striving for. Hopefully I can achieve this goal killing the Horde in Alterac Valley. It is on the to-do list for the weekend.

I did attend the guild meeting Wednesday evening. We met with our Horde allies and there was much discussion on the new dangers presenting itself in the world. It seems we are on the edge of everything we know changing.

I love meetings like this. Maybe not about discussing the end of the world and such but just get-togethers. I do think I was a little out of sorts that night though. It was mostly our guild master speaking with the Alori visitor and had little to no interaction with the rest of us. As a result, I was getting quite antsy to do something!

The time did come for the guild to search for our missing friend Vailyn who we had reason to believe was being held in Tyr's Hand. I was excited to have a task so you can imagine my disappointment when Keste grabbed my hand and said it was too late in the evening for us and we should retire. I never get to do anything fun!

I asked about what happened at Tyr's Hand yesterday and was told that Vailyn was in fact located but they were too late. He was found dead and broken. What resulted was an eruption of the guild. They decimated the place in a fit of vengeance. I was very sad to hear I missed all this activity. I'm hoping the guild meeting next month doesn't take place on a week night.

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