Monday, August 11, 2008

Battleground Weekend

The majority of my weekend was spent fighting the Horde. There was a new festival called the "Spirit of Competition" that is going on for most of the month.

I actually discovered this event on accident. I'm still working on earning myself new battle pants and upon exiting the losing battle discovered a Competitors Tabbard in my mailbox. I really wasn't sure what this was all about so I went to the guild hall to see if someone could explain what this was all about. Once Chya told me of the small dragon pet one could possibly receive by winning one of the battles against the Horde, I was determined to get one.

This task was easier said then done as the Alliance has not be doing well, at least in the battles I participate in. (Perhaps I am bad luck!) But I really wanted a mini dragon pet and so I started out by heading to Warsong Gulch as that battle would also assist my goal of obtaining my battle pants. I cannot tell you how horrible things went. Battle after battle I walked away defeated and deflated in the hope of getting my pet. Any winning any battle sent me running to my mailbox hoping for a new delivery. Nothing arrived.

I switched tactics and instead traveled to Arathi Basin. I needed to collect a few more tokens in this battle anyway. I was again faced with loss after loss at the hands of the Horde. I was frustrated as heck!

And then... something happened. Alliance started to rally. Elated at this turn of events I walked out of the basin with my shiny new battle tokens and proceed to walk to the Worlds End Tavern thinking I certainly deserved a small sip of something to calm my nerves.

I pass a mailbox and think ... "We'll maybe I can check just once more." There inside was a Gold Medallion! I must of looked quite foolish dancing around and happily hooting at the mailbox. I didn't care because now I was now able to use this amazing item to call my miniature dragon. I have named him Iroh and have introduced him to my other assortment of companions. I'm so pleased that I did not give in and was stubborn enough to continue in the battlegrounds just long enough to pick Iroh up!

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