Saturday, August 30, 2008

Epic Flight

Keste was nice enough to give me the rest of the gold I required to purchase my swift griffin. I had not pursued this very diligently as I thought the cost was far beyond reasonable. Now that I have it though I have to say it is simply wonderful to zip around Outland so quickly.

Now we are focusing on raising money for Keste. He needs to purchase the flying skill before we can seek out the swift flight form for him. I thought it very kind of him to allow me to go first. Thank you sweetheart!

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Mae said...

Awesome, congrats!! The Epic flyers are really great!! I only have one character with an epic flyer, Mae, and my alts all have to put around on their regular flyers. lol. I'm stingy with my gold. =P

Loveth, my hubby, also gave me the remaining money to get my epic flyer back when I got it. Of course, he made me pay him back, lol. But, lucky for me the Netherwing Ledge quests allowed me to make a ton of gold. :D

Congrats again!!