Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog Response: Friday Five

This post is in response to Anna's Friday Five - RP Style post over at Too Many Annas blog. She is encouraging new role-players to answer just five questions about their character to help you get started. Here are my answers for Desdarii.

What is your character’s name?
Desdarii L'him. My last name is Elvin in nature due to be married to Keste L'him the Druid.

Why did he/she pick his/her class?
As described in "Becoming a Mage", Desdarii really was schooled and groomed to become a priestess but lacked the skill required. She fell into controlling the elements quite on accident and from there was sent to Mage school.

What’s the worst trouble he/she ever got into as a child?
Desdarii wasn't much of a trouble maker although once when she was quite new at learning magic she set the drapes in her parent's house on fire. Luckily it was discovered and quickly put out but she was scolded for her carelessness. This may account for how Desdarii still rarely uses fire spells and prefers water based and arcane magic over fire.

What is his/her favorite thing to eat?
Fish although it may also because she has a passion for fishing and always has an abundance of fish meat to eat. Probably the only thing she eats more than fish would be mana biscuits because they taste wonderful (and she's proud she made them).

What does he/she have in his/her pockets?
Right now a stick that she is carrying around with her. It is a piece of polished driftwood that was in her pack of goodies after turning in the catch of the day in Terokkar.

Desdarii is fascinated with the powers of Shaman mana totems and wishes more than anything to have one of her own. After speaking with a Shaman friend on how he acquired his, she was told that he brought a water totem to a water spirit and now he can call a mana totem.

Desdarii plans to find out if he hands them out to anyone. She is confused on the whole water totem/water spirit thing. She doesn't understand that Shaman's generally borrow their powers from nature, not bend them to their will like she does with the elements. So when asked she'll most likely describe her plans as "I'm going to give this stick to the water pixies who live underwater with some merguy. I give him this water stick and boom! He gives me my own mana totem!"

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