Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Climb Aboard the Kara Train

Last night Geearthur's Team Banana went back into Karazhan. It was our last attempt at the villains lording over the upper halls before all the undead would find their bodies and refill the halls.

The evening started out well. We were able to destroy Illhoof and everyone was nice enough to allow me to walk away with the Malefic Girdle. And we easily took care of Chess. That is where we started running out of luck it seemed.

We had people disappear, their bodies literally fading away and come back claiming that they are under the ill effects of "lag". We did not do well against Prince and decide to try the Shade of Aran instead. Unfortunately, the hallway was reinforced with more guardians and with people dropping do to the lag sickness we were unsure if we could go on. But we pressed on and kept ourselves busy in the halls. The above picture us playing choo-choo train.

However we ended up doing well. We fought our way back through the hallway and had one chance at the Shade of Aran before we simply must stop for the evening. In an amazing victory, Team Banana killed the Shade of Aran for the very first time! ((I had screamed so loud in excitement our neighbor came over to make sure I was ok))

For the first time in a long time I was able to continue with a quest inside Karazhan. We were able to meet the Image of Medivh and watch him fight Arcanagos which was very thrilling.

Keste was also very fortunate with items this run obtaining some new boots and a new ring. He was a very happy grizzly. This victory has definitely charged me up to continue in Karazhan. We had been stuck for so long at Aran that defeating him has made the prospect of starting over again worth it!

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