Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Becoming a Mage

As promised, mother and father have taken me to see Valaatu, the novice mage instructor. I was very nervous around her. I felt clumsy and awkward but she was kind and very patient. She listened intently as my parents described to her what I was able to do on the mountain and agreed to take me on as a pupil. I am to meet with her for a couple hours each day and would have heavy reading requirements. The latter did not bother me a bit as I am already quite an avid reader.

Valaatu started with some fairly easy tasks that I honestly thought had very little to do with what mages do. First, I was taught some breathing exercises. Valaatu explained that concentrating on breathing helped to clear the mind. This allows me to focus more clearly. It really works! I don’t know how it is connected with magic or it’s creation but just following these exercises I can feel myself calming and thinking very clearly. I am to practice this meditation several times during the day to make it a habit.

I am quite relieved that I was not asked to repeat my magical feat. Although it seemed easy and effortless at the time, I am quite unsure how I came into that type of control. I see that the road to learning to command and control magic will be a long one but it is a task I am certainly ready to give my all.

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