Friday, June 6, 2008

Where's All The Mage Info?

Last night Keste and I dinged level 65! /cheer We are drawing ever closer to that desired level 70 mark so we can join in the fun and good times with all the 70s in our guild and hopefully help them with their goals like they've been so good to do for us.

One thing I find particularly lacking though is good solid mage information. I don't really want the full theorycraft / number crunching stuff that gives me a headache. I just would like some guidance on what I should be doing to improve. What stats should I really be bulking up on? Are there specific nummy pieces I can get now that will help me reach my goals past 70?

Maybe I'll start with that, my goals. I've not seen a lot of the 5 man instances. I've never been able to participate in heroics. I have never been inside Karazhan. I want to amend these oversights. This is my short term goals as there are a lot of casual players that already do these things but this is what I have my sights on now.

Surely there is information to be found to help me prepare for these goals. It really can not be as simple as following people around and going "PEW PEW PEW!". Although I would do that, if you asked me to. I'll keep searching but if anyone has any resources for me, I'd love to read them!

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